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Brief History of Nepal :

Nepal is situated on the lap of majestic Himalayas and sandwiched between two vast and most populous countries in the world - India and China, - Nepal is a tiny kingdom of 147181 Sq. km in area.

Roughly the shape of Jagged brick, the country is 885 km long from east to west and its width averages out at 193 km from north to south .Nepal's history is closely related to its geographical location separating the fertile plains of India from the desert like plateau of Tibet. Culturally and linguistically the country formed a boundary between the mongoloid people of Tibet and their Tibeto - Burmese language and the people Indian plains and their Indo - European languages.

Nepal has many thing to offer the visitor - the flourishing of art and architecture as demonstrated by the temples of Kathmandu valley, the beauties of nature by the soaring peaks of mountain, Mount Everest and other mountains, not so high perhaps, but even more spectacular appearance such as Machhapuchhre (Fish-tail) and Amadablam. Besides these, there is the Mount Gauri Shanker, believed to be the home of Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati, the GaneshHimal , referred as the home of elephant God Ganesh and the Mount Annapurna named after the Goddess of plenty.
Draped along the greatest heights of Himalaya the Kingdom of Nepal is the land of fascination, a land of ancient history, colorful cultures and peoples. Superb scenery and some of the best walking on earth.
Long before recorded history made its mark on the land, legends recount that the Kathmandu Valley was a great lake and Manjushree came from her native land and with a magical sword sliced open the valley wall to drain the water and create the kathmandu valley. A great is known about the ancient history of Nepal. Nevertheless, the Kirati dynasty is believed to rule here long long ago. Yalamber, one of its kings, had even faught in the famous battle of kurukshettra (1000B.C.).
In 563 BC Gautam Buddha was born into the Royal Shakya Family at Lumbini, locates some 250 kms from Kathmandu. Around the second century BC the great emperor Ashoka visited Nepal and erected a pillar at Lumbini alongwith the four stupas around the Patan city. His daughter Charumati was said to have founded Chabahil in Kathmandu.

After the advent of Malla dynasty in 122 AD, the Golden age was started which in one hand was the great wealth flow the valley and had ever known along with the wonderful kingdom's architects in temples, pagodas, palaces. Fountain, public baths, etc that can be seen till date and on the other hand this period began to divide into numerous independent city-states frequently feuding kings and princes.


After the unification of Nepal as Hindu Kingdom by Prithivi Narayan Shah in the 18th century the modern history begins. His Majesty the King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, the present king of Nepal, is the tenth ruler of this dynasty.

With a population about 20 million the

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