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Trekking in Nepal
Due to the attraction of Himalayan Mountain range, the simplistic attitude of the people, different ethnic groups, beautiful panorama, Nepal has held the reputation of majestic land for the trekkers. As a trekking destination Nepal remained unique. It opened its door to the foreigners in 1949, but for trekkers Nepal opened its door only in 1969 giving permission firstly in short treks.
Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip following trails, many of which have been used for communication and trade for many years. Trekking is not mountaineering. Some of most popular trekking trails are used by mountaineering expedition on their approach marches, but most are used by Nepalese for every day travel and trade. A trekking trip can be of any length one chooses.
There are popular short treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara valley which only take a day to complete, there are short treks of two or three days and there are longer treks around Annapurna and Everest region lasting from a week to a month. In 1991, opening the upper reaches of the Kaligandaki valley known as Mustang.
Nepal gave additional adventurous attraction to the trekkers. Known as "Forbidden Land ", a journey to Mustang is a journey of remarkable contrast. Stark Tibetan landscapes contrast with lush rice field and Hindu shrine with cliff hanging monasteries. One can choose the trekking area and no. of days from the Trekking itineraries given in this program.
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