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Jungle Safari at Royal Chitwan National Park
The Royal Chitwan National Park, about 152 km southwest of Kathmandu and 146 km east of Lumbini, comprises a strip of flood plain to the north, along the Narayani, Rapti and Rue river. To the south it rises into the Siwalik Hills, reaching a maximum height of 600 meter, and then drops down to the plains.
Usually the Siwalik Hills continue straight into the higher Mahabharat Range but here the Chitwan valley forms a dividing zone, known as the inner terai between the two. The topographic variation is unique grass land with tall elephant grass, dense forests tall Saal (shorearobusta) trees, riverine, forest of Khani ( acacia catchu ), inland lakes, the Churia range and hundreds of perennial clear water streams. Truly a naturalist's delight.
The park is on of the richest and well known game sanctuaries of Asia and so offers one of the finest wild life experiences.In the early part of the century, the Chitwan was the center for the hunting exploits on which British Royalty was so keen. In 11 fun - packed days of one royalty during one hunting safari in 1911, they killed 39 tigers and 18 rhinos. Today, the park is one of the few areas having the Tiger and the great one-horned rhinos, both endangered in abundance since 1950 hunting has been controlled. And finally in 1973 a total ban on hunting was enforced with the establishment of Royal Chitwan National Park having a total area of 976 sq. km .
About 46 species of mammals have been identified here and among them are four species of deer, rhino, wild boar and common langur monkey, Gaur, river otter, jungle cat, leopard, wild dog, hyena and the tiger. In the river lurk much aquatic life that include fierce marsh, mugger and rare fish eating Gharial crocodile. Over 360 species, both resident and migrant have been recorded here. The resident red headed Tragon, the majestic black necked stork, from the smallest bid of Phey, the black headed shrike to the giant hornbill to name a few. It certainly is an ornithologists paradise.
From the pickup point, upon arrival at the fringe of the National park, the visitors are transported to the jungle lodge or the camp site by elephant, safari jeeps or dugout - canoes or a combination of them. There are many jungle day activities and slide shows are organized in the evening with local cultural program. Excellent places for accommodation are available in and around the national Park suitable to all types of budget.
Besides Royal Chitwan National Park there are other national parks also namely Royal Bardia National and Koshi Tappu where one can see the different type of wild life and birds.
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