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Pokhara (the valley of Lakes & Mountains)

After Kathmandu, the most popular destination in Nepal is Pokhara situated 200 km away from Kathmandu, nestled in a valley beneath the Annapurna massif, it is an area of natural beauty rather than historic and cultural interest and is also the starting point for some of the most popular Trek in Nepal. Pokhara is linked by road with Kathmandu and Indian border as with air as well. The scenery along the road is constantly changing treat for the eyes. There are rock gorges and the rivers, rolling hills, tiereery alos and the rivers, rolling hills, i.e Himalayas background Himalayan out a single intervening ridge between this peak and Pokhara city.

The Pokhara valley has three large lakes. Two of them Rupa Tal and Begnas Tal, are slightly to the east of town, while the third and the largest, Phewa Tal, is the focal point of Pokhara's tourist centre. In the north of Pokhara valley just above the tree line are Ghoral, Jharal, Thar, Deer, Black Bear, and the himalayan snow leopards. Of birds is no end, and better known pheasant species to be found through out district include Danfey, Monal, Kalij and partridges.

In addition to these scenes, there are another attraction such as, the orange grove of Batulechour, the famous Mahendra Gufa (cave), a natural stalactite tunnel, the turbulent vanishing river seti which appears and disappears in its course along a canyon which runs to depth from about 150 ft to 200 ft in places, the hot mineral spring of Bharbhure in the neighbouring Bhurjung Khola valley whose waters are reputed to have high curative value.

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