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Welcome to Nepala.com !!!
What's here?

     Nepala.com is only place on the internet where you can find the huge collection of handicrafts and graments in unbeatable price.This is a wholesale site, for the retail or small quantity purchase please visit our online store.

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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
If you are searching for something else which is not listed here, then please e-mail us, we will try our best to provide you full information and product.
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What You Say about Us!

Thanks to all of you who have E-mailed us your comments. We take your views and suggestions very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve our service to you.


Every time I have ordered from Nepala.com I am amazed that there are still companies out there who operate with a sense of customer first. I have always received my merchandise within the week. The send email with confirmation of the order, then when packaged, then when going to shipping, then with shipping info such as tracking number. They are truly amazing!
Max R. Phoenix AZ

Quick, efficient, this was my first purchase... but not my last.
Gregory S. Moweaqua ,Spain

This new online store quite amazine and quick to find products.

Tunde Agbabika, Lagos
Better than excellent! Unbelievable selection and service found nowhere else on the net.
Ken Z. Pagosa Springs CO
They had what I was looking for (Gift). Pricing was right, shipping on time. Well Done.
Richard F. Westerville, Chile
I am a repeat customer and the service has been great every time.
Thomas F. Safford ,France
Great price. Our local coop had the same item for double times more than what I paid at Nepala.com (and that included the shipping)....WOW!
Laurie S. Cottage Grove, Germany
I have purchased from you a couple of times. What is advertised is exactly what you receive. Companies like Nepala.com restores your faith in doing business over the Internet.
Olgwa Gerald,Russia
Thanks for a great shopping experience!
Kimberly S. Oak ,South Arfica
I expected the package to arrive in 4 days. I was shocked when it was waiting for me the next day. Everything was in order and I am enjoying my purchase. Great job!
David R. Malibu London, Uk
A friend told me about Nepala.com and I'm very glad because you're the only place I have found that I am looking for years. Thank you!! Loved your sight, It was very easy to find what I wanted, without looking at a ton of stuff I didn't want. Thank you!
Scott T. Manteca Australia
I Enjoy Shopping At Nepala.com, as they seem to carry the odd, hard to find items; which I like to collect. Thank You.
Jhon Chan, Cheboygan, South Korea
Excellent performance. Nepala.com had what I was looking for when no one else seemed to have any in stock. Great job guys.
Gerald P. West Point UT,Moscow
I could not believe HOW FAST I received my order from them-! DANG! It took maybe two days? Cheap shipping... great experience.
Zoe B. Carmichael ,CA,USA
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