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Welcome to Nepala.com !!!
What's here?

     Nepala.com is only place on the internet where you can find the huge collection of handicrafts and graments in unbeatable price.This is a wholesale site, for the retail or small quantity purchase please visit our online store.

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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
If you are searching for something else which is not listed here, then please e-mail us, we will try our best to provide you full information and product.
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Frequently Asked questions?
1.Why should i buy from Nepala.com?
Nepala.com is the best place in the internet where you can find such a huge collection of handicraft and garments in which most of them are unique. We assuse you that you will be suprise by quality of our product which is more beutiful than photo.
2.Why the price on Nepala.com is less than other sites?
Price are low because we intend to sell in the bulk only. If you are looking for the single quantity then please visit our Online Retail store for the more advance features.
3.How can i buy small quantities?
For the small quantity you can visit our new online shop which has good userinterface. Click here to go to one retail purposed online shop.
4. How do i place order?
You have to select the product code and send us the code with the quantity you want with your full address. We will send you total cost inclusing the cargo cost and the procedure to send money for the goods.
5.How do i pay?
For the small quantity payment you can pay us by paypal.com which is a third party payment system for the safty. But for the bulk order you have to send us the payment by wire transfer to our bank account. Please click here for more details.
6.How the shipment cost is calculated?
Cost is first calculated as per you choice of shipper i.e DHL, UPS,Air cagro. Or we will send you the cheapest way of shipping usally aircargo is cheaper than other. Click here for the details.
7.What is the difference between aircargo than other cargo service provider?
The main defference is , Dhl, UPS e.t.c are the door to door service provider and they are expensive but the aircargo is cheap the main difference is, in air cargo you have to go to your nearestInternational Air lines to clear your goods from custom.
8.Is there any discount?
Discount is applies only for the quantity you order and the type of the product you purchase. YOu are always free to ask for the discount. We will try our best to provide you more discount as far as possible.
Our customer service options are follows:
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          I want information about Nepala.com?
I have few questions to ask ?
 I like to Make General inquiry ?
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